The most effective security paper is definitely our newly developed fluorescent uv watermarks.

We can only speak of security paper if documents, deeds, certificates, ID cards, vaccination cards, certificates, vouchers and other security-related documents cannot be forged, copied or forged.

Some providers of security papers seem to ignore this. Because when someone writes that a watermark is forgery-proof as it can be, they do not want to believe that some printers and counterfeiters can now copy or reprint these normal, bright light watermarks at will. This borders on intentionally misleading potential customers into being able to sell anti-counterfeiting with the normal watermark. (normal watermark = bright against the light and easily recognizable when viewed from above). We offer this normal bright watermark to improve your image or to stand out from the competition. They look exclusive and serve as a maximum protection against counterfeiting at a low level. 

In contrast, you are really on the safe side with our UV watermarks technology. Because with our technology, the watermark not only appears brightly translucent in backlight, but also fluoresces in the dark under black light. Thus, the technology we have created is unique and honestly forgery-proof.

The additional effort to produce truly forgery-proof papers is disproportionate to the economic damage that would otherwise result from possible manipulations.

Decide on the safe option and buy copy protection paper with our UV watermark technology at the highest security level. For example, on marbled elephant skin paper (is largely scratch-, abrasion- and water-resistant) or types of cardboard, fluorescent – ​​translucent – ​​holographic numbering and much more 

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Security paper as copy protection paper – uv watermarks paper

Security paper prices

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