Paper with own watermark by Druck Bernd Derrant

can nowadays be afforded by anyone who also has one or two-color letterheads printed.

Go to the prices for watermarks normal light, UV-fluorescent, additional hologram security embossing, additional continuous UV numbering.
You will find that our watermark papers are extremely inexpensive.

All prices for each watermark paper are very competitive.

The prices for the additional UV effect must be requested and depend on several factors. It depends on the level of security required, such as the size of the watermark or what substrate is to be used, etc

Now the highlight: Compare the prices of Druck Bernd Derrant with other suppliers of paper with your own watermark.

Oops, good quality doesn’t have to be expensive, expensive is somewhere else!

Note: this watermark paper without a fluorescent effect and applied to uncoated paper is only partially counterfeit-proof. These „simple“ light watermarks no longer pose a mystery to potential counterfeiters, and other printers are now also advertising heavily with this simple watermark effect. I can only recommend it mainly for a better image and beauty. Of course, the simple bright watermark also creates a competitive advantage. This is because you clearly stand out from your competition and also maintain your corporate image.

However, if the anti-counterfeiting component plays an additional important role, I would advise you to use our ultimate UV watermark and possibly also on coated and/or colored paper.

If, in addition to the special feature of looking through a watermark, there is also the absolute protection against forgery, then our UV watermark technology is the best of the best and the cheapest that is technically feasible and available today at a fair price.

Greetings from Druck Bernd Derrant Kaiserslautern.

We look forward to you!

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custom watermark paper                                        The real forgery-proof copy protection paper with UV watermark …
own DUO watermark paper

this is an ultimate own DUO watermark paper as the safest copy protection paper


We, at Druck Bernd Derrant, are happy to print for you:
– own watermarks, brightly backlit
– Your own watermarks, bright against the light and fluorescent under black light, as on some banknotes
– all embossing such as blind embossing and hot foil stamping
– everything in offset and letterpress printing
– Security papers with many security features
– in all types of paper and cardboard
– everything from thin to thick and light to heavy materials in all areas of civilization

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