With the right watermark for copy protection Paper – with our DUO watermark bright and fluorescent combined in one.

We can only speak of forgery-proof watermark paper and copy protection paper if security-relevant papers such as certificates, references, vaccination cards, attestations and documents cannot be forged, copied or falsified.

Some providers of security papers ignore or do not seem to understand this.
If someone writes that a watermark is forgery-proof as it can be, they ignore or do not want to accept that some printers and counterfeiters can now imitate these normal or light-colored watermarks at will.
Because the normal watermarks I named have only ONE property, namely to appear bright against the light.
And these normal watermarks can now be used by several printers, as can we.
Only we DO NOT sell these normal watermarks as anti-counterfeiting paper or security paper, only for good image.

Protection against counterfeiting means: uniqueness in technology, effectiveness and appearance, this is how copy protection paper is defined

Forgery-proof also means: nobody but the originator can carry out the imitation or forgery.

Such an approach to potential customers, selling anti-counterfeiting with the normal watermark, borders on false pretenses.

In contrast, you are really on the safe side with our UV watermark technology. Because with our technology, the watermark not only appears brightly translucent in backlight, but also fluoresces under black light. Thus, the technology we have created is unique and honestly forgery-proof [safe from counterfeiters and imitators | that means honest counterfeit security]. 

Unterschied UV WZ norm Kopie


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Watermark paper as copy protection paper                     watermark paper – license

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